all litigated or settled favorably for plaintiff(s)/clients(s)


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TravelDiscounts, LLC v. Panorama Travel,

 Cause No. 3:11-CV-0169-8 (Northern District of 
Texas, Dallas Division)(Plaintiff)

Bicycles Plus, Inc. v. Travelers Lloyds Ins. Co.

 Cause No. 10.02709.E, Dallas County Court of Law No.5 (Plaintiff)

TravelFocus LLC v. World Ventures Holdings LLC, et. al.

 Cause No. 10-06227-D,
Dallas County Court at Law No. 4, Dallas County, Texas (Plaintiff)

Pampering Palace Salon & Spa v. Mount Vernon Insurance Company, et. al.
Cause No. CC-10-02937-A, County Court
at Law No. 1, Dallas County, Texas (Plaintiff)

Preferred Office Products v. BBVA Compass Insurance, et. al.

Cause No.10-05948-A, County Court at Law No. 1, Dallas County, Texas (Plaintiff)

Chuck Howley Uniform Rental v. Travelers Insurance Company

  Cause No. 3-09CV1926-M,
U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas, Dallas Division

TravelFocus LLC v. Hartford Fire Ins. Co.

 Cause No. 3:10-CV-1837-F U.
S. District Court, Northern District of Texas, Dallas Division)(Plaintiff)

Garcia Technical Services, Inc. v. Amerus Life Ins. Co.  Ameritex Solutions, et. al.

 Cause No. 06.0663-E, 162d Judicial District Court, Dallas, Texas (Plaintiff)

Charlene Caver v. American General Life Ins. Co.

 Cause No. 2007-41171, 151st Judicial District Court, Harris County [Houston],
Texas (Plaintiff)

Garcia Technical Services v. Safeco Ins. Co. & Independent Ins. Group, et. al.

 Cause No. 07-0788-A, Dallas County Court at Law No.1 (Plaintiffs)

Weinbrenner v. Utiliquest, LLC, et. al.

 Cause No.06.02867.1,
162nd Judicial District, Dallas County, Texas (Plaintiff)

Mountain Partners Trust, et. al. v. Western Pipeline Corporation, et. al.

 Cause No. 06-08046, 192d Judicial District Court, Dallas County Texas (Plaintiffs)

Vernie and James Roetschke v. National Western Life Insurance Co. & Puritan
Financial Group, Inc.

 Cause No. DC-065-10661, 193rd Judicial District Court, Dallas County, Texas (Plaintiffs)

Bobbie & Debra Burge v. American United Insurance Company et. al.,

Cause No. 2005-531,946, 237th  Judicial District Court, Lubbock County, Texas

Pizza Management Enterprises, Inc. v. J. Smith Lanier & Co.

 Cause No. 05-03890, 14th Judicial District Court, Dallas County, Texas

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