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Why did my  insurance agent say my claim was covered; then I receive a letter from my
insurance company disclaiming or denying coverage?


Although your insurance agent procured the policy for you, he or she may not be well versed in exactly the coverage you have.  We can review your policy and the denial letter and let you know if your claim was properly denied.  In our experience, more often than not, the claims adjuster either inadvertently or intentionally overlooked some coverage in the policy for your loss or construed policy terms in a way to unfairly exclude coverage.

How do I  know I have adequate insurance coverage for my home, business and potential liabilities?


In our experience, most individuals and businesses have inadequate insurance to cover the value of their property or the risks to which they are exposed. For instance, it is more often the case that a homeowner has not increased his/her limits on the personal property and home structure despite numerous home improvements and accumulation of personal items of value.  Additionally, it is often the case that a business owner lacks adequate levels of insurance in the areas of employee
dishonesty, computer software and data or the agent has procured a policy which excludes a number of potential claims for which coverage is warranted.  When the insurance carrier has amended, changed or added endorsements to the policy, this typically means there is a reduction in coverage.  These  endorsements typically go straight to the policyholder, and, like the policy itself, are rarely, if ever, reviewed by the policyholder or insurance agent and go unnoticed until there is a loss and it is too late.  We can help you avoid being underinsured.

Can you help with the denial of my health care or disability benefits? 


 Absolutely!  If your insurance company or your employer’s insurance company has denied you health care or disability benefits in whole or in part, we can appeal the denial of these benefits.  We review the explanation of benefits, the denial letter, the benefits plan and do the appeal for you.  We have found that insurance companies routinely fail to follow the benefits plan, misstate the provider’s services and sometimes can not even clarify their reasons for denying benefits! 

Will I have  to pay a large retainer or high hourly rate for your services? 


Not everyone can afford the usual and customary rates for our services.  In these harsh economic times, we prefer to “value bill” our clients.  That is why we provide a free 30 minute initial consultation.  We work with you to determine whether an hourly rate, reduced hourly rate, flat or fixed fee, blended fee, initial retainer or contingency fee is right for your particular legal issue.